Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Was I sleeping...

I am dreaming about a dream
In a dream, which I once dreamt about dreaming
In one of my childhood dreams
I don't know if I am dreaming it now
Because I lost my totem in the way
I have to find it somehow
Down there or down..down..down
Or should I be happy and say 'wow'
I don't have to listen to what they say
And can follow my dream all the way

    This was the result of watching the movie  Inception during the study holidays. I never had such complex dreams. In fact my dreams are too simple and realistic than my real life. But being that simple can also cause problems.Not because I never get chance to interpret dreams like Joseph did in the bible story (I always wanted to do it), but because I often fail to distinguish between dreams and memories. I still consider some old dreams as my childhood memories. I used to make new friends and enemies through dreams even though I never said "I wont talk to you  anymore,you behaved so rudely in my dream". Daydreams are part of my daily routine. And I just had a dream that I published my first blog post.


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